Customised India Holidays – India travels to match your aspirations

India  is a vast pot-pourri  of ancient culture seeking modern relevance. No one part of the country is like any other part. Travel 300 miles in any direction and the culture changes completely, people look and live differently,  languages and dialects change, habits change. Even the natural topography can alter completely. High mountains, ancient plateaus, lush forests, dry deserts, beaches, vast agricultural plains are waiting to be discovered. A vast people surging in their quest for self recognition, growth and development and expansion from within their diminishing old systems.

There is something here for every kind of traveler. Leisure, adventure, business, everything. Take your pick and as your expert consultants we can shape your holidays exactly as you may wish. 

Travel for Business ? Leisure ? Family holiday ? Group travel ? Culture visit ?
– We serve them all.

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